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[ where hot people unite ]

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1. You must post your pictures immediately upon joining. Please post clear, visible, pictures of yourself that you feel best represent what you look like.

2. You should post about 3 pictures of yourself or more, to give everyone a general idea of what you do look like. Remember we are judging on looks, show us all you got!

3. Lurking will not be tolerated, if we [ sensualxkiss or orgasmiclust ] notice any member lurking and not posting pictures, nor commenting if you have been accepted, we hold the right to ban you from the community.

4. If you are posting more than 1 picture. Please be considerite and keep it behind an LJ Cut. It helps out everyone, by keeping the community clean and makes it easier to access your friends pages.

5. Only mods hold the right to stamp you, we will get to this A.S.A.P after an appropriate number of members have voted on you.

6. Please write a bit about yourself: name, age, anything else you feel the need to share. This isnt a biography though.

7. Do Not comment in other posts unless you're a stamped member of the community. Mods dont have time to read through mindless chatter.

8. Please refrain from holding conversations in the comment sections. Comments are for votes. Go to AIM or MSN to talk.

9. You may post body shots, but please refrain from any nudes because some members may not be old enough to view them legally. Plus we are looking for looks, not size or shape huns.

10. Once you have been stamped, feel free to vote on other users. If you have been denied you may try again, but only with new pictures.

[ owners & moderators ]
orgasmiclust + sensualxkiss